I have just read a comment on Instagram, and I am disturbed. I am traumatized. I cannot feel my legs. My left eyebrow feels bushier than the right one. I can’t breathe (No, it’s not the virus). My ancestors are muttering and spitting in the afterlife. They say we need to be cleansed. We need to sacrifice to the gods. A black ram and a duck’s egg to appease the gods of food. But how could she be so disrespectful? How could she refer to ugali as “mounds of ugali?” Ugali is just U-G-A-L-I. Spell it, African girl! You can’t truncate it to the next mound. I am out of here.

I have been MIA for a minute. Life is tough out here. But we will write again; after we make the sacrifice.

Come on, spread the love